Approved minutes for previous meetings

Here are links to download minutes for previous Parish Council meetings. If you require access to earlier meetings, please contact the Parish Clerk at 

Annual Parish Meetings

2nd May 2018 Minutes DOWNLOAD.PDF

Parish Council Meetings

9th May 2019: Minutes DOWNLOAD.PDF

18th March 2019: Minutes DOWNLOAD.PDF

15th January 2019: Minutes DOWNLOAD.PDF

19th November 2018: Minutes DOWNLOAD.PDF

17th September 2018: Minutes DOWNLOAD.PDF

16th July 2018: Minutes DOWNLOAD.PDF

19th March 2018: Minutes DOWNLOAD.PDF

15th January 2018: Minutes DOWNLOAD.PDF

20th November 2017: Minutes DOWNLOAD.PDF

18th September 2017: Minutes DOWNLOAD.PDF

3rd July 2017: Minutes DOWNLOAD.PDF

26th June 2017: Minutes DOWNLOAD.PDF

15th May 2017: Minutes DOWNLOAD .PDF

20th March 2017: Minutes DOWNLOAD.PDF

16th January 2017: Minutes DOWNLOAD.PDF






A Parish Council is a civil local authority found in England and is the lowest tier of local government. They are elected corporate bodies, have variable tax raising powers, and are responsible for areas known as civil parishes, serving in total 16 million people.

The date and agenda for the next meeting

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Monday 23rd September starting at 8.00 pm. When the agenda for the next meeting is available it can be downloaded here: Please check the date of the document you download.

Parish Council meetings are generally held bi-monthly on the 3rd Monday in the month, starting at 8pm. With the exception of the Annual Parish Meeting which starts at 7.30pm followed by the Annual Parish Council meeting.

Here are the meetings we have scheduled so far. Please be aware these are subject to change. 

2019: September 23rd and November 18th
2020: January 20th, March 16th, May 18th Annual Parish Meeting (7.30pm) followed by the Annual Parish Council Meeting, July 20th, September 21st November 16th.

Recording and Reporting of Proceedings by the Media and general Public (2014) NOTICE
Please note that the public and the media have a right to record meetings of the Parish Council. 

Should you wish to record a meeting it would be helpful if you could notify the Clerk or the Chairman so that they can ensure you have the necessary facilities and so that other members of the public can be notified that the meeting is being recorded.

Please note that the Chairman has the right to ask that recording be stopped if the Chairman reasonably believes that the meeting is being disrupted because of the recording, if the recording is preventing the public participating or is inhibiting community involvement or if the meeting moves into confidential session.

If you object to being recorded please notify the Chairman or Clerk. We will endeavour to ensure that your objections are respected. However we are not able to guarantee this. This is a public meeting and there is a statutory right for anyone to record it.

Anyone at the meeting may use Twitter, Facebook or similar social media provided that the Chairman does not consider their actions are disrupting the proceedings of the meeting.