Community Emergency Plan


The Community Emergency Plan.

You can download a .pdf copy of the Community Emergency Plan HERE. The plan will be activated when:

  • When we get an amber flood warning

  • When the local authority emails a warning to community emergency plan holders

  • When we see a forecast of severe weather for our area

  • At the request of the emergency services/local authority to open and support a survivor reception centre

If any of the above apply, contact the group via Elizabeth Jenkins Tel: 07491 000 305 Email:

The emergency coordination group members.

The group members are Loretta Light, Jeanne Lapsley, Sue Hannon, Michelle Benton, David Barber, Paul Batchelor and Elizabeth Jenkins. The group can be contacted via Elizabeth Jenkins Tel: 07491 000 305 Email:

Reception centres.

The group may establish Community Reception Centres at one or more of the following locations:

  • The Village Hall at the Recreation Ground Bassett Road.

  • The Sports Pavilion at the Recreation Ground Bassett Road.

  • The Greyhound Public House on Main Street.

  • The Church on the corner of Bassett Road.

  • The Richmond Village Cafe opposite the church.

  • The Court Hill Centre at the top of Court Hill just off the A338.

Contact telephone numbers:

Police: 999 (or 101 for non emergency use).

Ambulance / Fire: 999

District Council: 01235 422420 or 422422. In an emergency use 01235 422420.

County Council: 01865 792422. The emergency planning department can be contacted on 01865 323765 (this is also the number to use in the event of an emergency).

County Council Highways Dept: 0845 3101111. In an emergency, contact the emergency planning team on 01865 323765.

Environment Agency: 03708 506506. In an emergency use 0800 807060.

Floodline: 0345 9881188.

Water company: Thames Water 0800714614. In an emergency use 0800 9808800.

Electricity network: SSE. In an emergency use 0800 111 999.

Gas network: In an emergency use 0800 111999

Telecoms network: BT. In an emergency use 08000 232023.

Adjacent town council: Wantage Town Council. 01235 763459.

Local Doctors: Newbury Street Surgery, 01235 763450. Church Street Surgery, 01235 770245.

Local pharmacies: Lloyds, Mabley Way Health Centre, Wantage, 01235 763028. Cleggs, Kings Park by Sainsburys, Wantage, T01235 763046. Boots, Market Place, Wantage, 01235 765227

Faith community: C of E Revd. Leonora Hill Rector St Andrews Church Letcombe Regis, 01235 760112.

Last updated 1/3/2019.